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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Color, how I hate you

As anyone who ever listened to my complaints about coloring, you should know I consider myself a terrible colorist. I swear everytime I put shades on a good ink it gets destroyed.

So, we're having some badass coloring teachers at school, and I'm doing my best to learn what I can while I have time.  Turns out I clearly don't have patience to deal with traditional tecniques anymore.

Anyway, at least I'm learning to balance ink and color. Previously I just inked without caring and splat color in the white spaces, like a child. I still can't get a result that I like without the black lines, but it's a start.

Actual pages to come soon!

In a few weeks I have to get back coloring actual pages for Valley-01 second episode; hopefully the study will pay, as it's been inked in a slightly different way (a way that consider color as part of the drawing). Meanwhile I'm testing another style while working on the cover. Preview!

So many things to learn, so little time.

Note: I am now a proud possessor of an Inkling. Soon to come a (very important and never ever written before) review!

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