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Sunday, January 18, 2015

New school project, whooohooo! (and portfolio on its way, too)

Still remaking pages from last year. I really liked this one in terms of storyboard, so I kept it the same, enhancing the drawings. I'm planning to go with watercolors again (there's some more background on the right half, but I left it in pencil and it seems the scan cannot take everything up). Anyway the sheet is big and I had to cut the two pages apart...before realizing I have to color that split panel on top. I can't wait to find myself trying to fix the vertical splitting line. Yeeeeeah.

We started the new school project! This is gonna be fun. And easy to draw. I want it to be super graphic. I love the results I get with watercolors, but I need to change from time to time. Ladies and gentlemen, the first characters sketches!

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