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Monday, April 28, 2014

Cover issues: Cheyenne Mountain Facility

Let's start saying doing covers always make me nervous. I know they are a decisive piece for everything I draw, and while if a page is not the best the next one can save the day...well, there's nothing to save a bad cover.
This is the last one I had to do, for a (probably) upcomic project about superheros with lab-created powers, written by the talented James Rowe: Cheyenne Mountain Facility.

So the above is the first stage. I'm lucky enough to have some dear friends that helped me when I was panicking ("ohmygodwhatdoIdoifit'shorrible") and reviewed the pencils, noting some elements to be fixed.
Yes, there's a reflection of the glass over her hair.

The ink looks pretty poor. Consider I don't feel proficient with colouring yet: I mostly rely on the ink. Imagine the panic at this stage. ("ohmygodit'shorriblewhatdoIdo").

aaand the colours save the day - and my ass. Maybe not the best cover ever but hey, I'm really satisfied. I truly hope this project will proceed into an actual comic book. We're currently looking around because we lack funds (as every indie project ever). Some of the pages have already been done, and they might come online soon. We'll see.

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