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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sketchcrawling in Finland

Is it weird that I am in one of the most praised places in Europe for the beauty of its nature, and I'm barely sketchcrawling?

It's probably because I'm not on vacations, and so it feels really different to just stroll around and draw. I do it rarely at home because it feel like "yeah, I'm already bored by this place, I don't find anything interesting to draw", and waaay more while on holidays - you know, new places, everything exciting as a tourist, etc.

It is also because I don't find northener countries visually interesting. It happened even before on vacations: the city is wonderful to live in, new buildings, well kept streets, a lot of parks and green...but every place looks the same. I mean: yeah, trees. Yeah, new, clean, squared buildings with squared windows and plain walls - everywhere. Could this be due to growing up in a place like Venice? I don't know, but I know for sure it is hard to explain to the family that I like the city, but that there's no particular reason for it.

I've started drawing the next Valley-01 issue. Guess who's back?

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