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Saturday, August 30, 2014

So, are you just making sketches or what?

File under: "I absolutely don't have time and will to study the horses that must appear"

Producing a comic really is a long job. In the last two months I've been working mostly on the EKOenergy project, but I've also been doing some shorter stuff. Either way, I hadn't anything completed until last week. On top, two sample pages for a possible upcoming project. Please cross your fingers for me, for if they choose me I won't be starving until Christmas.

The EKOenergy short comics now has a real title, so please welcome the first two (almost) completed pages of EKOsofia! The comic will soon be available on; my EVS ends at the end of september, and you'd be surprised by how many translators are working to make it available in various languages.

And last but not least, the graphic novel for FASTBACK Pictures is also on the way to be finished. These guys are amazing. The graphic novel will be part of the fundraising campaign for their upcoming movie. Post-apocalyptic bikers, sexy women, action. Basically what I always wanted to draw. I really hope they can make it, both because I want to see the movie, and because it would be a blast if I was able to continue drawing this.

As usual, keep reading Bilateral Comics! Our last episode, CODE 991 is getting some amazing reviews all over the web...and I'm sure you don't want to miss the third episode of Valley-01, now work in progress.

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