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Monday, December 8, 2014

Recent favourites: pages

Some of my favourite results from the last episodes I had to draw.

Chaos Campus, page 3. Alex Thompson gave me just one simple rule to follow when drawing his pages: insert as much cheesy ass and boobs as possible, without having them naked. It's a really fun to draw comic and I did my best on that point. I like the storyboard of panels 3 and 4.

Valley-01, third episode, page 13
This is my absolute favourite of the last months. I couldn't wait for it to be online to share it, as it's a massive turning point in the episode. I had a lot of fun with the storyboard for this part; I'm still learning how to handle fight and action scenes, and episode #3 has been mindblowing. Check out the colored version and the rest of the episode at!

I'm still questioning my ability to color, and I plan to start studying it again from the basics. I kind of like the inking lately, but I still strongly prefer the pencils, and I feel it's worth publishing both the stages right now.

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