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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Warming up & exercises

While I wait to have the approval on showing off some work in progresses (aside the EKOenergy comic, I'm still working on a graphic novel that has to be kept private until release, sadly), I can still entertain you with my daily sketching!

My sanity is going down the sink while watching Battlestar Galactica, and its characters have become a regular presence in my drawings.

In a similar way, some of Stephen King's characters are popping out again due to "The eyes of the dragon"

And last but not least, I'm still studying on coloring and inking, looking for the best way to improve my drawings. Everytime I start to think that I'm getting closer it ends up in nothing: I gave up on the brush for now, moving on to pens. I don't know if I just get excited by the new look or if I'm actually improving.

As usual, my comic pages effort are always up and readable for free at Bilateral Comics. Second issue of Valley-01 is almost over, be prepared to the next short story CODE 991

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