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Thursday, July 31, 2014

EKOenergy - European Volunteer Service

The big project for this summer brought me all the way to Finland, thanks to the European Volunteer Service, to work on a one-shot comic for EKOenergy. It's an Helsinki-based organization working with European electricity supplier to improve the green energy market. 
I couldn't image to build a project so close to my studies and interests, when I applied for the EVS some months ago. I've spent the last month writing the script for the story, teaming with the other volunteers and members and let me tell you: I thought it could go worse. I've never had to write such a long story, neither to write alongside with other people. It's been interesting, but not a thing I'll do again. I've been longing to draw, and finally I've started the pencils!

The pages are meant to be black and white, both because I feel more comfortable and because I don't have that much time to color, too. The project lasts only three months, mostly due to school that starts in october already. I'm trying to focus on perspective more than I've done in the recent other stories, and it already feels different. Life is better when perspective works.

Once the comic is done, other volunteers will translate it in various languages, as it's going to be readable for free on their website. 

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  1. Hi Anita, thanks for this. It is great working with you. And I'm looking forward to seeing more results. I like the drawings. But I wouldn't decide too fast that this will be a 'black and white' comic. Let's see how things evolve. Let's also see what comments, feedback and suggestions we get from others. (E.g. What if somebody else would be interested to color the pages?) The project has only just started, and we are -as always- open for suggestions and ideas from others. Comments can be sent to you, or to the EKOenergy Secretariat at Vedremo