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Monday, July 28, 2014

Not dead!

Hey there! I'm not dead, even if the lack of updates might make you think that. I've moved to Finland for the summer, and adapting to the new surrounding had me dazzled and confused for a few weeks. I've been writing my first long script (30 pages) for a one-shot comic for EKOenergy, as part of the European Volunteer Project. Now that the boring part is over, I'll be able to update y'all with some drawings in the next days. Note to self: I'm better at drawing than writing. Keep it in mind.

I have been doing some random drawings as part of the morning warm up, as well as some sketchcrawling...but my bad again, not having the scanner at home is making me missing a lot of opportunities. I bought a few pens for inking, following the suggestion to clean up my lines instead of painting them black, and I'm quite satisfied.

And late as everything else this month, a drawing for a friend. She dyed my hair a month and a half ago and only a few days ago I've been able to do my part of the trade. Enjoy!

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